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Wanna know what this big project is??

Well, I've taken it on myself (AND WHOEVER WOULD LIKE TO LEND A HELPING HAND!) to


Oooh yeah. I'm going there. ;)

This may take some time, but I will get it up here all nice and pretty looking!

Anyone willing to help or point me in the direction of said hairs, please comment here - best to keep it all in one place eh? Thank you in advance!!



SimPE is no simple task

Another 'HALP PLEASE' post, I'm afraid that's all I'm really here to say yet again D: BUT! Hopefully will be getting back in the swing of things soon. Nearly done exams! Only one more to go :D

So. I'm trying to extract sims using SimPE yes? And following this ovely tutorial, which is really good and helpful. Just that SimPE won't load ma simmies. I can get into the Neighbourhood Browser, pick my neighbourhood, then let it load until the green loading bar has gone and turns to Please Wait... but then it just seems to all go white and not move. If it doesn't go white and I do click the Sim Surgery button, it comes up with a loading box but it won't move or anything. I don't know how long it normally takes to load, but I left it for a long time anyway, over the 15 minutes anyway, yet it still didn't do anything. But the one time it actually did something, it didn't have any people in the surgery box thingy :S

Sorry to bother again! >_<
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Coolsims 60 Recoloured

I'm back so soon :P

Here's the hair I've been promising away - bet you think i wasn't gonna get it up xP But I did. Just cause I can :D (Aaaan it's the new community I've been secretly hording from you all, but now it's out in the open and ready to go! :D)

Pictures there cause I am far too tired. Took me best part of 45 minutes to get this one posted, so fingers are tired. But you'll see when you get there! :D
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Another update of sorts

If I were to ask you all, what would be your prefered way to preview a hair?

What I'm meaning is, would you like to see all the hair colours on the model's, or would you prefer just a few on the models, then swatches of the rest of the colours?

Just wondering, because I'm starting to take preview pictures now, and I don't want to be overdoing the picture count for you all xD ( I actually quite enjoy posing the sims, so doing all the previews wouldn't be any hassle for me either :) )

Another question, what do you all prefer when downloading sims - just one preview/lots of pictures! or whole body previews/just face previews/mix or something completely different?

I'm off school ill today, which is why I can speak xD Still not much playing time on the sims, I dunno why, but I'm getting more into posing and making stuff rather than actual playing. Maybe it's because I've been playing so long and it's getting all the same? I tend to always revert back to playing ~perfect families~ with them, I get so attatched to my sims I don't want to play them so they don't die xP How sad am I? :P

Also, I'm in the process of sorting out my downloads! :D I have 4 female hairs right now :P I used to have roughly 30. That's a big cut for me! Just looking for new stuff - like defaults! I have just found the defaults. I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but apart from skin and eye defaults, I haven't ever had stuff to replace hair/makeup/clothes! Now I do though ;D And it's fun. IT'S SO MUCH SMALLER THAN CUSTOM STUFFS! (so I've found so far anyway) It's just fantastic. And I have added another creator to my ~favourite~ list - [info]le_plat_du_jour  :D FANTASTIC stuff, I love the default swimsuits and nightshirts. They're just so cute xD
(Sorry, having a little geek!! moment  to myself here.)

BUT! Any other suggestions for defaults or otherwise? I can't find a nice vampire, plantsim, werewolf or zombie skin/eyes/whatnot, or nice lipsticks to default. I actually tried my hand a defaulting some lipsticks, but SimPE and BodyShop nearly kersploded at me :S I obviously didn't do it all right. I have the perfect things to be defaulted though, I'm gutted :( I might try again, just terrified I'll break it! >__<

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Uh oh.

I do apologise for being so quiet the past while, it's just I'm starting to feel stressed and basically CBA with anything :( I do still read all my f-list though! I missed a bit in February (OMG! popcorn bucket  is BAAAACK! :D) but have ~finally~ been able to catch up again - I think so anyway xP

I have another problem. Well, more of a FML moment going on here, but the chatspeak is definitely necessary to show just how I feel.

Just sat and done ~*82*~ recolours of hair, and then thought, wait, where do the grey bits go? What my long winded-not-entirely-relevant post is asking is this:
How do I do JUST elder colours? Like, with no other ages attached to them. Is it possible, or am I just hoping I'm right. Otherwise, would I be able to just do an unnatural hair colour (eg blue) with the elder colour as grey, and then they would be able to use it when they get to elder?
And does this all make sense? I feel I'm in need of a good long sleep. Too much schoolwork/not enough money/not enough sleep/BOREDOM is not a good combination to have whilst trying to type coherently xP

P.S. Don't mind the icon, I just love the sim and have it for my hair comm. (which is going well, I just need to get all the other work I've done, UP on the internet, thanks! xD Tis hard slog, not always enjoyable :P)

(WOOT! No spelling mistakes xP)

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